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Welcome to Z47!

My name is Hande, the founder of Z47.

I'm trained and certified in various disciplines exploring human nature including yoga, mindfulness, compassion, pedagogical education, foundational psychology, energy healing. 

mindfulness and compassion based activities for more ease, joy

If you're a self explorer with a loud mind like me, you might find it interesting.

Z47'de kendim gibi gürültülü zihne sahip kaşifler için günlük hayata daha fazla kolaylık, neşe ve özgürlük getirme niyetiyle beden, zihin ve ruhlarımıza dokunan bakım pratiklerini farklındalıklı, şefkatli ve oyunsu bir tavırla sunuyorum.

outdoor yoga class

Hi there!

I was born in a small coastal city, then moved to Istanbul for university education and spent my 20s in Kadıköy, which I loved very much. After studying in the language department at university, I followed my curiosity in the field of communication. Shortly before moving to Portugal at the beginning of 2020, I was working as a yoga instructor while also writing content.


As far as I can remember the desire to understand myself has always been there, but the self exploration journey had probably taken a deeper turn when I started practicing yoga in 2015. Since then I've been involved in various practices and disciplines including energy healing , pedagogical education, creative drama, trauma and psychology studies, therapy, mindfulness, compassion, yoga and other self-help teachings. 

Although my desire to understand myself has always been with me, my journey of inner discovery probably started to deepen when I started yoga in 2015. Since then, I have been interested in energy studies, pedagogical education, creative drama, trauma and psychology studies, therapy, awareness, compassion, yoga and different teachings and personal development areas. 

In addition, throughout most of my childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, I encountered difficulties caused by overthinking, anxiety, perfectionism, and critical and destructive thinking habits. For a long time, I believed that the answers I sought were hidden in teachings and teachers regarding a sense of belonging, peace, and happiness. However, committing to a specific style of yoga, finding the one and only "tribe" people often refer to, or identifying myself with any particular label wasn't possible.

After years of therapy, learning more about the nervous system and trauma, regulation, mindfulness, and compassion practices, as my relationship with the practices and life began to transform as I shifted from the “teaching” I had centered on to “self-care.” 

Z47, the updated version of Playground Z47, emerged with the intention of Tara Brach's stated need for unconditional acceptance as it is + stretching and softening of rigid and normative approaches + creating space for more ease, joy and freedom in daily life.

It is a great feeling to hear the positive impact and gains of this approach from the participants as well as from my own practice!​

mindful yoga retreat for groups

The story of Z47

As mentioned, Z47 comes from Playground Z47.

Just like a playground there are no labels, no judgement, no winner or loser here. 


You're here to explore a connection and have fun, with yourself and others. 

I believe we need more of this approach in self-care and self-development. 

Let's look into the simple and playful symbolism: 

The Z stands for Zone

If you look closely 4 and 7 are actually same numbers, transforming into each other.

Circle represents the mind.

Heart represents the soul.

Triangle represents the body.

Together they form a human being. How mysterious! :p

The concept shows that our approach is playful, our language is simple, intentions clear yet powerful. 

  • 200 hr foundational yoga teacher training program + 12 hr functional anatomy - Rana Ortan 2018

  • 50 hr yoa sequencing for all levels Rana Ortan & Sinem Er 2018

  • 50 hr kinesiology for movement professionals - Görkem Dizdar 2018

  • 200 hr mindfulness based yoga teacher training program (+yin yoga) - Zeynep Aksoy 2021, 2022

  • 350 hr mindfulness & compassion teacher training program - Banu Çeçen & David Cornwell 2023

  • Embodied Presence teacher training program - David Cornwell 2023

  • Pre & Post Natal Yoga - Başak Karslıoğlu 2023

  • Psychology 101, NLP, coaching - Liderlik Okulu 2017

  • Creative Drama - Tiyatro Mundus 2017

  • 8 weeks mindfulness program - Buğu Türkoğul 2018

  • 8 weeks mindfulness program - David Cornwell 2022

  • 8 weeks mindfulness & compassion - Banu Çeçen 2023

  • 8 weeks mindful self compassion -Colette Power 2023

  • ISP developmental trauma (2024)

  • Integral Somatic Psychology (2024) 

  • God hates us all - Tanrı hepimizden nefret ediyor - book by Hank Moody 

  • ​What if this is heaven? - Dünyadaki Cennet - book by Anita Moorjani 

  • EQ Applied: The Real-World Guide to Emotional Intelligence - Uygulamalı Duygusal Zeka book by Justin Bariso

  • Urban Monk - Modern Keşiş book by Pedram Shojai

Some places that opened their doors to my events...

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