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Let's meditate together!

You can join our online group meditations from anywhere in the world, experience the benefits of regular meditation practice with a trauma-sensitive approach and the transformative effect of group practice.

Why Meditate Together?

Fosters a sense of connection with others and creates a sense of unity

 Regular meditation practice is proven to change in our brain structures.

You can join from anywhere to online meditation meetings

Live your daily life more fully being "in the moment"

Increase capacity of focused attention and concentration

Build closer relationship with your emotions, yourself and others

The benefits of meditation

Meditation is a kind of  a microcosm; when meditating we encounter what's already in everyday life.

In contrast to daily life, we slow down in meditation, with care, patience, and a friendly attitude, allowing us the opportunity to work with focused attention, open awareness, and emotions while establishing a connection with our bodies.

For those with an overactive mind, who spend a lot of time in their heads, meditation can be a chance to get out of the head and go into the body, making it easier to master our coping skills. 


Enhance focused attention, concentration skills, and the capacity for open awareness


Distinguishing emotions, thoughts, bodily sensations, and judgments from one another by nurturing mindfulness in a compassionate attitude


Enhancing the flexibility and resilience of the nervous system, expanding the scope when working with challenging experiences and emotions, and developing the ability to be embodied



Exploring being present in different states and cultivating acceptance


Participating in trauma-informed, guided meditations rooted in science


Supporting well-being through practices of loving-kindness, compassion, gratitude, and savoring


Exploring similarities and shared humanity with other individuals who have loud minds, through meditation as part of a community or group



Hande's calm and peaceful inner world in meditation, her ability to convey this, her guiding times opened the door to a quality meditation, thank you Hande 🙏🏻

Fatih D.

Türkiye, 2023 

It was an amazing class. First yoga and then the meditation for a very affordable price just.


It can change your day for the best! Thank you for the experience! Gratitude!❤️🙏🏻”

 Alexandre D.

Brasil 2021

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