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Mindfulness based vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, prenatal and postnatal yoga, mindful movement, mindfulness and compassion meditations, courses, creativity sessions, awareness practices, workshops, retreats...

You name it. 

All is possible in person or online.

Get in touch to say hi or for more info.

yoga, meditation retreats

In person & online


Playground Z47 retreats are a great opportunity to step away from the constant demands and distractions of daily life, connecting with other inner explorers like yourself. These retreats offer a concentrated environment to deepen your practice and intention, experiencing self-care on a different level.

mindful yoga classes for open and closed groups

In person & onliine

Group classes

You can find elements from various disciplines including movement, mindfulness and breathwork, creativity in Z47 group classes. Moving with care and curiosity in a creative way, almost like playing a game, brings a sense of freedom and joy not only on the mat but also into our daily lives.

yoga, mindfulness, compassion based workshops

In person & online


Playground Z47 workshops and courses provide an opportunity to delve deeper into subjects that pique your interest, combining theoretical knowledge and experiential sharing and community empowerment. Our wellness workshops and courses creates opportunities to invite more ease, joy, and freedom into daily life and personal journey of transformation.

online yoga, meditation classes, workshops, retreats



Having a busy schedule or an introverted nature doesn't prevent participation in self-care practices. Whether you're traveling a lot or enjoying the comfort of your home you can join our online yoga, online meditation, online workshops, online courses, and online retreats.

creativity in self care and wellness

In person & online


No matter how much we emphasize, it's not enough. Our aim at Playground Z47 is not to flawlessly execute any practice. Our intention is to create more ease, joy, and freedom in our daily life through the practice. Creativity is a significant part of this. Our exploration involves various forms of expression like colors, music, movement.

private yoga, meditation sessions

In person & online

1:1 sessions

Our stories and needs differ as much as our unique anatomies. If you're looking for specially tailored yoga and meditation sessions based on your needs, or if you don't have time or motivation to join group classes, one-on-one sessions might be a great option for you.


On the agenda?

cozy mindful self-care activities

You can participate in weekly online mindfulness and compassion-focused meditations, practices and exercises from anywhere.


It is a blessing to participate in Mindfulness and Compassion program, which offers me various practices that will support myself from a compassionate perspective, I'm grateful to my guides💚

I'm pleased you opened this program, I'm pleased I participated💚 It was great to take part in such a circle.

Hale B. - teacher

Türkiye, 2023

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