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What is Make It Easy?

Life is full of ups and downs and our human nature is home to whole journey. It's our nervous system who perceive the experiences as pleasant, unpleasant or neutral. Managing our reactions according to this perception, it also helps us to surf the ups and downs. Ideally this happens constantly in a flow, automatically.


If we go under more than we can handle, the system gradually starts going out of balance. We are unique beings with different backgrounds, so "more than we can handle" and our experience can differ greatly. One common result might be the disrupt of the natural flow of living because our coping mechanisms stay alert instead of flowing. The things that were easier before can become more difficult. We might experience chronic stress related health issues, emotional rollercoasters, overthinking, over-doing things the opposite not doing much etc.  

If this is your dominant experience recently, remember it is very common and there are things you can do for yourself. Practicing mindful & self compassionate self-care practices, increasing knowledge & awareness, searching professional help... 

Studies show that people who can soothe themselves are less likely to develop depression. When things are tough and feels like out of our control, being your best friend seems like a great way to deal with difficulties. 

Not everyone knows how to do this, good news we can LEARN these life skills. Make It Easy is a self care workshop designed for this purpose. 


If you've been dealing with chronic stress, if you're suffering from highly self-critic, anxiety or you're feeling burnt out recently this workshop is a safe bubble

  • to explore different emotions

  • to feel lighter, better, grounded instantly with mindful & playful activities

  • to explore and experience sense of "safety" independently with a meditative practice

  • to learn about the human nature

  • to learn practical ways to release the stress valve 

  • to explore self-compassion and acceptance

What do we do exactly?

We play mindful & playful games, talk & share our experiences, practice a meditative & creative session to explore sense of "safety", practice mindfulness & compassion through yoga. Everything we do can be repeatable and explored deeper by participants after the practice. 

This workshop is not a medical consultation or a treatment. If you need medical help please consult an expert. Make It Easy is simply a self-care, yoga and creativity activity. 

Check out our agenda for upcoming Make It Easy workshops!

Some Memories

Some Comments

"I want to thank you for this amazing experience. You are a really attentive host, it came across how genuinely you care and want us to have a good time. That made a big difference to my experience, especially since I came alone and didn't know anyone. The group was lovely and I integrated very easily.

Looking forward to see you soon. :xx"

— Barbora S., Czech Republic


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