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What is Make It Easy?

Make It Easy is a self care workshop designed for loud minds.


If you've dealt with chronic stress, self-criticism, anxiety at some point in life this workshop is a safe bubble

  • to explore different emotions

  • to feel lighter, better, grounded instantly with the movement, meditation, creativity practice

  • to explore and experience sense of "safety" independently with a meditative practice

  • to learn about the human nature

  • to learn practical ways to release the stress valve 

  • to explore self-compassion and acceptance

What do we do exactly?

We play mindful & playful games, talk & share our experiences, practice a meditative & creative session to explore sense of "safety", practice mindfulness & compassion through yoga. Everything we do in the workshop can be repeated and explored deeper by participants after the practice. 

This workshop is not a replacement for therapy. If you need help please consult an expert. Make It Easy is simply a self-care and creativity activity. 

Contact for the upcoming Make It Easy meetings! 

Some Memories

What others say?

"I want to thank you for this amazing experience. You are a really attentive host, it came across how genuinely you care and want us to have a good time. That made a big difference to my experience, especially since I came alone and didn't know anyone. The group was lovely and I integrated very easily.

Looking forward to see you soon. :xx"

— Barbora S., Czech Republic


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