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Get ready, we are embarking on a journey to explore the depths of the mind!

It is possible to take a break from the loudness of the mind, re-connect with our true nature, and create space for more ease, joy, and freedom in daily life!

If you're interested in exploring mindfulness, deepening your practice, or joining the playground, our doors are open!

The science behind meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years throughout civilizations by religions, spiritual teachings, philosophers, spies, martial artists, athletes, and many other practitioners.


Although they have practiced various forms of it, the shared goal is accessing the wisdom of the mind.

In recent years, thanks to pioneers like Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, Dr. John Teasdale, and Dr. Sara Lazar, who have conducted scientific research on meditation, it has become more widely practiced in a secular and adapted form in daily life, particularly in the West.

I grew up in the 90s, and at that time, these studies were not widely known. There was a belief among the public that "the brain stops developing at a certain age."


However, research conducted by experts in psychology and neurology shows that our brains are plastic and that we can reshape them.

The brain doesn't stop changing. For more detailed information on this topic, you can refer to the research conducted by the aforementioned scientists.


The greatest power or the greatest enemy?

Neuroplasticity, which allows our brains to change, can be both our greatest power and our greatest enemy depending on the direction in which this potential is predominantly experienced.

Evolutionary, societal, psychological, and many other factors can lead to this potential affecting us in a way that can be harmful to us. 

Mindfulness and compassion are well-known concepts that can be highly beneficial in addressing this ongoing struggle.

The Buddha's mindfulness was developed to reduce human suffering. Numerous scientific studies also support the positive effects of compassion and mindfulness practices.


Reduce Stress

It's scientifically proven meditation reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety, depression.



Using the power of meditation on self compassion, self-confidence, inner strength help us to empower ourselves.


Broaden Awareness

Awareness is first step to re-connect with our inner power and capabilities of our creative mind.



Meditations help us to explore, experience and express the importance of self in growth and healing.


Improve Focus

Trains the mind to become less scattered, more focused on the present improves concentration & cognitive function.



Meditation reminds us we have the power of choice, instead of being mindlessly led by our thoughts & emotions.

How mindfulness and compassion can help to LOUD minds?

Sometimes my mind gets so loud I just want to pause the world. Is it familiar for you? 

In Taking the Leap Pema Chödron says: "Pausing is very helpful in this process. It creates a momentary contrast between being completely self-absorbed and being awake and present. You just stop for a few seconds, breathe deeply, and move on. You don’t want to make it into a project."


Mindfulness is the practice of being present with what is happening in a non-judgemental, open and friendly way. According to Buddha mindfulness can be practiced in  different contexts such as the body, feelings, mind and the phenomena.


Compassion can be described as the practice of love and empathy towards ourselves and others. Compassion practice includes mindfulness, recognizing our common humanity, and offering love and support to those who are suffering, softening our hearts.

Mindfulness and compassion complement each other and can be a break for those overwhelmed by the loudness of the mind.

Both mindfulness and compassion meditations create a space between the mind's productions and remind us of our shared human nature.

Exploring, experiencing, and reinforcing these concepts through meditation takes time, both in meditation practice and in daily life. However, we can begin to feel their effects from the very beginning.

The journey we embark on with meditation practices is like an adventure where we gradually step forward to create more space for ease, joy, and freedom in our daily lives.

*These activities may have therapeutic effects, but they are not therapy and do not replace therapy or treatment. We recommend seeking professional support from qualified experts.

The goal is to support loud minds on their journey with self-care practices, but it is important to remember that not everything works well for everyone. If these practices are not working out for you it does not mean there is something wrong with you or the practices. You can turn to practices that resonate with you and works well for you. 

Open more space for joy, ease and freedom in daily life by just sitting :)

Check out our weekly online meditations


Writing a Diary

Guided Exercise & Creativity

Bring your imagination, we're going for a journey.

Meditasyon Sınıf

Open Awareness

Cultivate presence without judgment, with openness, friendliness, joy and compassion

Hands Touching


Exloring common humanity, reducing suffering and taking action 



Set your intention and feel it's happening, re-wire your brain re-create your reality.

Meditasyon Sınıf


Regulate your nervous system, increase your tolerance window. 


Focused Attention

Cultivate concentrationclarity, insight, equanimity, acceptance.

What others say?

I was in the same group with Hande in the Mindfulness & Compassion program, I participated in both her meditations and lectures.
The content she added from herself during her lectures and her compassionate guidance in meditations were very good.
Her warm, welcoming and inclusive manner increased my curiosity and I enjoyed it very much. 
The details in your lectures and the space you opened for us were very valuable.
Your different perspective, what you added to me, 
thank you 

Good luck on your journey. 

— Seda D., mindfulness and compassion instructor

Turkey 2023

Hande's calm and peaceful inner world in meditation, her ability to convey this, her guiding times opened the door to a quality meditation, thank you Hande 🙏🏻

— Fatih, mindfulness and compassion instructor

 Turkey 2023

It was an amazing class. First yoga and then the meditation for a very affordable price just.


It can change your day for the best! Thank you for the experience! Gratitude!❤️🙏🏻

— Alexandre D, photographer, entrepreneur

Brasil 2021

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