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Mindful Movement

Come as you are :)

We combine various practices for loud minds and who thinks labels are limiting when the ultimate goal is self-care.

If PlaygroundZ mindful movement was a music style we'd call it fusion. 

The magic behind mindful movement

The mind-body connection's significant role in our overall well-being is no secret.

At PlaygroundZ47, we bring together various elements from different disciplines, grounded in scientific principles, and believe in the power of mindful movement to positively impact our daily lives.


In our mindful movement gatherings, you can find traces from diverse disciplines such as mindfulness, movement, vinyasa, yin yoga, breathwork, massage, dance, drama, meditation, compassion, creativity, authentic movement, and somatic experiencing.

Unlike traditional yoga classes focused on specific poses, we don't have pose-specific goals. Our aim is to invite more ease, joy, and freedom into daily life with a mindful and playful approach.

This approach allows us to create a unique experience for each participant.

What does it to do with the LOUD minds?

The mind's tendency to constantly wander, often away from the present moment and towards the past or future, driven by the intention to avoid dangers in murky waters, is a part of our nature.

In the yoga tradition, this nature of the mind is referred to as "monkey mind," and according to Buddha, it is the cause of human suffering.

Mindful movement is designed to support the shift of attention from the head to the body, embracing presence. It encourages us to filter external influences even while moving, taking responsibility for our own experience, and approaching the practice with joy and compassion.

Mindful movement for compassion and self-care 
Mindful movement for improving


for flow, harmony
and joy

movement for
to yourself and 

Focusing on the breath, approaching the practice with an intention of self-care, compassion, and a playful attitude, and dedicating oneself to it, observing the mind, maintaining a non-judgmental attitude, and being surrounded by accepting individuals have transformative potential and help unleash the inherent healing potential within us.

This space is for you to explore, experience and express yourself with your movement without any judgements.

We believe that creativity is a powerful tool for self-expression and self-discovery. We encourage you to explore your movement in a playful way, and to tap into your inner creativity. By doing so, hopefully you release some tension and stress while developing a deeper connection with your body and yourself.

Wanna give your loud mind a rest by going out of the head and getting into the body? 

In mindful movement classes, there are elements from various disciplines. You don't need any prior preparation or experience to observe and explore how the body and mind function through the lens of different disciplines.

If you haven't experienced it before, you may be surprised by how you can deepen your connection in the simplicity of movement and be amazed by the effects of mindful movement.

If you have a loud mind, you probably spend a lot time thinking "how things should be" and "how to do them", right?


As a change, come as you are and let's explore things as they are.

Mindful movement gatherings are trauma-sensitive and do not adhere to rigid alignment rules. With a compassionate and playful attitude, they provide a space for us to connect with our nature through joyful movement and exploration.

In our practices, we focus on sharing approaches and practices supported by scientific research, but these practices do not guarantee any specific treatment or healing.

Our aim is to bring more ease, joy, and freedom to daily life.

*These activities may have therapeutic effects, but they are not therapy and do not replace therapy or treatment. We recommend seeking professional support from qualified experts.

The goal is to support loud minds on their journey with self-care practices, but it is important to remember that not everything works well for everyone. If these practices are not working out for you it does not mean there is something wrong with you or the practices. You can turn to practices that resonate with you and works well for you. 

Some Memories

What others say?

"Hande offers an exceptional yoga experience, connecting each movementwith breath, offering space for personal growth, and feeling directlyinto what her students need.

I worked with Hande one on one and leftevery session feeling great. She "upped" my Yoga to the next level!"

— Jonathan D., USA


"If you feel like starting your weekend early or if you're a beginner in yoga,

I highly recommend you to join classes of Hande.

Her instructions is magically impressive..."

— Deniz Ü., Turkey


It was an amazing class. First yoga and then the meditation for a very affordable price just.


It can change your day for the best! Thank you for the experience! Gratitude!❤️🙏🏻

— Alexandre D, Brasil


She's an amazing professional and on everyday basis she shares her yoga experience with us :) you should try!


I’ve traveled and experienced yoga classes a lot and I can tell you that Hande's class is a good choice to start the day 💙

— Magda B, Portugal


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