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Online weekly sessions

Online offers different opportunities:


1. More accessible

2. Save time & money

3. Less social pressure :)

4. Still have a sense of connection

Weekly Online Sessions


















It's been tried and tested million times, weekly online sessions work :)

For some it's even more convenient, because: 

  • It's accessible globally 

  • You can join from the comfort of your home

  • You can join even if you're not at home, ideal when travelling

  • Less effort to commute

  • Less social pressure

  • Joining from a more comfortable place can make it easier to practice

  • Saves money and time

  • You can connect with people outside of your reach and feel connected 

If you haven't an online meditation or a mindful movement session tried yet, give it a go.

What kind of weekly activities to expect? 

  • online breath awareness meditation

  • online open awareness meditation

  • online compassion meditations

  • other exercises such as journaling, drawing etc, silence, cursing etc.

  • online mindful movement practices

  • online embodiment practices

  • online nervous system regulation practices 

Meditating on Bed

Self-care Sunday

10:30-11:00 GMT +1

30 mins weekly online mindfulness, compassion, acceptance, joy themed meditations and nervous system regulation practices


Mindful Mondays

18:30-19:00 GMT +1

30 mins practice includes grounding, mindful movement, meditation practices

Join us at the online weekly regular practice, it's by donation starting from June 2023

Benefits of regular practice & with a group

  • Increase in the sense of connection, decrease in the sense of isolation 

  • Increase in motivation 

  • Regular mindfulness practice is proven to lower stress levels and increase overall wellbeing

  • Chance of practicing mindfulness & compassion more often 

  • Chance of practice what you learn in other books, workshops, courses

  • Opening more space for ease, joy and freedom to daily life

  • Reducing the exhausting affects of the loud minds

Some Memories

What others say?

"Hande offers an exceptional yoga experience, connecting each movementwith breath, offering space for personal growth, and feeling directlyinto what her students need.

I worked with Hande one on one and leftevery session feeling great. She "upped" my Yoga to the next level!"

— Jonathan D., USA


"If you feel like starting your weekend early or if you're a beginner in yoga,

I highly recommend you to join classes of Hande.

Her instructions is magically impressive..."

— Deniz Ü., Turkey


It was an amazing class. First yoga and then the meditation for a very affordable price just.


It can change your day for the best! Thank you for the experience! Gratitude!❤️🙏🏻

— Alexandre D, Brasil


She's an amazing professional and on everyday basis she shares her yoga experience with us :) you should try!


I’ve traveled and experienced yoga classes a lot and I can tell you that Hande's class is a good choice to start the day 💙

— Magda B, Portugal


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