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This space is created for loud minds to explore, experience and express their own truth without feeling like an outsider. 


















Who is it for?

We come together in weekly online regular practices, workshops and other activities. 

Who can benefit from PlaygroundZ47 activities? 

It is known that the mind is evolved to survive so it is constantly active trying to keep us going. Lucky us, thanks to the analytical qualities and the power of adaptation of our mind we have made it to today after 3 million years in the journey of evolution

On the way, our problem solving and analytical skills have been sharpened so much that for some of us it might feel that that's the the only way to be. 


But actually there is another way. Where we feel safer, not that alert, where we can rest, digest, connect and enjoy. In these moments we tend to feel life is in flow and see things differently.


Studies show that overemployment of the first mode and underplaying the second one likely to cause troubles in our daily life. 

Some of us naturally find the balance in between easier than others, some of us need more intentional effort and support due to the evolutional and tons of other reasons we're not covering here (culture, upbrining, difficult life experiences etc.)

Even though our stories and how we react can differ, we unite in the emotional effects of these troubles. We struggle because of the the loudness, the potential of our own minds. 

If you're:

  • feeling the effects of modern life moving in light speed, lack of self-care and healthy boundaries, exhausting effects of chronic stress, negativity bias and overthinking or self-conscious, self-critic or perfectionist attitude towards the self and the others negatively

  • spending a lot of time in the mind, thinking about the past or future, missing what's actually present

  • feeling you and your body are separate entities

  • finding yourself in fight / flight response in the daily life more than the flow state

  • feeling "not understood" or isolated from people because your mind feels like a jungle

  • finding it difficult to understand shelter yourself because the mind is literally too loud or you don't know different ways to understand and meet your needs

  • looking at the world mostly from the left brain perspective missing the emotional side

  • into exploring your inner workings, but also NOT looking for top down, BS magical healing claims, overly spiritual groups, gurus etc. 

  • feeling stiff in your body and mind at timesv, and you're willing to let silliness, and humor in and soften up

you can benefit from mindful, compassionate and playful approach in body, mind, soul activities, because you're probably familiar with the loudness of your mind.

Meditating on Bed

Self-care Sunday

30 mins weekly online mindfulness, compassion, acceptance, joy themed meditations and nervous system regulation practices


Mindful Mondays

45 mins practice includes grounding, mindful movement, meditation practices

What is in it for you?*

Each activity has their own purposes, but generally speaking mindfulness and compassion practices can be considered as self-care and can bring: 

  • moments of ease, joy, freedom instantly because they help nervous system to regulate

  • in the long run, regular practice can bring more awareness and dealing with the destructive influence of loud minds can become easier, because the practice helps the transformation of the habitual mind

  • more understanding towards yourself & your needs

  • more motivation to meet your needs by taking action

  • more understanding in the relationships with yourself, others and life

  • sense of connection, because seeing that you're not alone reminds that we are all humans :) Having this acceptive social circle around is healing (if you don't have this due to living abroad, travelling too much, introverted tendencies you might be surprised to see the benefits) 

*These activities may have therapeutic effects, but they are not therapy and do not replace therapy or treatment. We recommend seeking professional support from qualified experts.

The goal is to support loud minds on their journey with self-care practices, but it is important to remember that not everything works well for everyone. If these practices are not working out for you it does not mean there is something wrong with you or the practices. You can turn to practices that resonate with you and works well for you. 

You are meant to live your life in connection with your true nature as much as everyone else :)

Check out the PlagyroundZ47 self-care activities, contact for more information.


Do you want to help us bring more joy, ease, freedom to loud minds?

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