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Welcome to PlaygroundZ

Feel free to be yourself here! 

Hi, my name's Hande, the founder of PlaygroundZ. 

This space is created for you to explore, experience and express your true self in mindful & playful ways so you can bring more ease, harmony & joy in your life!

What is PlaygroundZ?

"I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened."

Mark Twain

Couldn't agree more, as my biggest struggles in life were mostly inside my head. If we think those struggles like courses at school, I'd probably graduate from self-criticism, perfectionism and anxiety very high grades :)

After working in the communication and advertising industries, my passion for learning and understanding myself led me to human nature and self-development studies. Reiki, pedagogical education, creative drama, psychology, getting CBT, completing mindfulness and yoga teacher trainings (+500 hours) with other self-help teachings have been my passion to build a happier life since 2015.

I shaped my teachings around this journey of understanding the self to share my learnings with people to feel better in their lives and help them dealing with their internal and external challenges. That's how the concept of PlaygroundZ came to be.


PlaygroundZ is structured to help people against dreariness with body-mind-soul practices. Whether it's online or offline, having a playful & mindful attitude is very important in our events.


The reason is simple, both call us to the present moment, support us on our growth journey, make things lighter and brighter. 

Think about a playground for a moment.


A safe place you can come as you are. 

No competition, no need to judge; there's no winner or loser here. 


Diversity and creativity are encouraged. There’s no forced and top-down rules.

You're in connection with your feelings also free to choose what you're going to do. It might take some time to figure out what you want to do. No rush, Try out different activities and join what makes you feel good. 

Feel free to enjoy the experience either alone or with other players, 

Explore our inner and outer workings, open to new experiences and express yourselfve fre

After a good session, notice how it feels to be full of life again. 

Don't you think we need more of that in life?

PlaygroundZ Values



We follow non-judgmental attitude in communications and events, inside the community.


Responsible Actions

We provide safety instructions and encourage the individuals to act responsibly. 



We cultivate a mindfully respectful attitude towards everyone in the community.



Whenever possible, towards the self and the others. Because we need this more than the punishments.



You don't have to follow instructions in the classes, you choose what to follow, modify or ignore :) 



Learning and growing are easier and more permanent with fun and playfulness. 



We are all made of stars and you’re accepted and welcomed as you are!



We are not looking for bests, worsts, the rights or wrongs. Remember going back to number 1 :) 

Meet Our Playmakers



Princess A.L.F.

Studied translation, brand communication, pedagogical education, fundamental psychology,  yoga, mindfulness.

Music and spring lover, princess of her beloved family, learner of self-love and acceptance. 

Yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner,

Founder of PlaygroundZ



Studied and trained in creative drama, pedagogical education and was a student in theatre, fine arts. 


She has been an actress in countless theatre plays, educator, director and creative drama leader for the past 10 years.

Founding partner of Tiyatro Mundus. 


Founder of Public Happiness Movement



She has transitioned from travel industry to coaching 20+ years. Claire is a qualified Trainer, Assessor and Coach. She is also a Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner that challenges limiting beliefs and thinking patterns, reframing those thoughts with positivity.

Her toolbox includes Life, Business, Executive, Abundance, Creativity, and Enneagram Coaching.

Business & executive coach.

claire muller.jpg

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