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Welcome to PlaygroundZ


Hi, my name's Hande, I developed PlaygroundZ for loud minds.

This space is created for you to explore, experience and express your true self in mindful & playful ways to and invite more ease, joy and freedom to daily life.

What is PlaygroundZ?

"I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened."

Mark Twain

If you can relate to that, you might have a loud mind as well :) 

After working in the communication industry for some years my passion for learning and understanding myself led me to human nature and self-development studies. Energy healing, pedagogical education, creative drama, learning about trauma and psychology, therapy, mindfulness, compassion, yoga and other self-help teachings have been my passion to build a happier life since 2015.

For years I searched for a place that I fit in, or teach a certain yoga style or belong to a certain group. The idea of PlaygroundZ came up from a need to "be accepted as I am without labels".

Think about a playground for a moment.


A safe place you can come as you are. 

There are no labels, there's no need to judge; there's no winner or loser. 

You're in connection with yourself and others, you're there to play. 


You are free to play alone, play next to each other or play with others. It's kind of like a jazz performance :) 

You learn from the interaction, you explore inner and outer workings of being human, have fun and definitely feel full of life.

That is the intention and motivation behind PlaygroundZ. 

If most of your worries and fears have never actually happened in life, it's likely you spend a lot of time in your head and notice that mind can be irresistably loud. 

The idea of practicing body, mind and soul activities with this playground mindset, free from labels bring a lot of ease, joy and freedom to my life. 

The more we share what helps us, the more we remember and practice because our brains learn from the practice. 

Programs & Certifications

Here is a list of certification programs I've completed

  • 8 weeks of mindfulness program by Buğu Türkoğul 2018

  • 200 hours fundamental yoga teacher program vinyasa, hatha + 12 hours functional anatomy) Rana Ortan 2018

  • 50 hours all levels yoga sequencing by Rana Ortan & Sinem Er 2018

  • 50 hours developmental kinesiology for movement instructors by Görkem Dizdar 2018

  • 200 hours of mindfulness based yoga teacher program (with yin yoga) by Zeynep Aksoy 2021, 2022

  • 8 weeks of mindfulness by David Cornwell 2022

  • 8 weeks of mindfulness and compassion by Banu Çeçen 2023

  • Embodied Presence by David Cornwell 2023

  • 350 hours mindfulness and compassion program by Banu Çeçen & David Cornwell 2023

PlaygroundZ Values



We follow non-judgmental attitude in our actions and communications.



We cultivate mindful respect in our communications and interactions.



We explore compassion towards self and others when possible.



We are aware of our limits, we encourage getting support from the experts (medical, mental etc.)



We respect the privacy and don't share sensitive information outside. 



We encourage curiosity, comedy, sillyness and playfulness with respect.



We are all made of stars and you’re accepted and welcomed as you are



We explore being true to ourselves and take responsibility for our actions.

Meet Our Playmakers



Princess A.L.F.

Studied translation, brand communication, pedagogical education, fundamental psychology,  yoga, mindfulness.

Music and spring lover, princess of her beloved family, learner of self-love and acceptance. 

Yoga instructor, Reiki practitioner,

Founder of PlaygroundZ



Studied and trained in creative drama, pedagogical education and was a student in theatre, fine arts. 


She has been an actress in countless theatre plays, educator, director and creative drama leader for the past 10 years.

Founding partner of Tiyatro Mundus. 


Founder of Public Happiness Movement



She has transitioned from travel industry to coaching 20+ years. Claire is a qualified Trainer, Assessor and Coach. She is also a Neuro-Linguistic Program Practitioner that challenges limiting beliefs and thinking patterns, reframing those thoughts with positivity.

Her toolbox includes Life, Business, Executive, Abundance, Creativity, and Enneagram Coaching.

Business & executive coach.

claire muller.jpg

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