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Creative Drama

Imagine, improvise and impersonate

if you have had enough monotonousness and dreariness.

Stresses need to come out but taking them out on other people or yourself is not kind, or a path to a calm mind and healthy life.

You can RE interpret-explore-experience your thoughts, emotions and habits with creative drama!

What the fun is creative drama?

Creative drama is a group activity, using theatre techniques like improvisation and role-playing it makes the participants (re)explore, (re)experience, (re)express emotions, thoughts, or any chosen situations. Whether real or imaginary.. 

It provides a safe and fun space to explore the self, practice social skills, opening the doors to new possibilities in life without social, mental or moral pressure. Topic is always pre-determined in creative drama.


Tthere's no script, every play is improvisational. There's no end product for the audience, because both the audience and performer are participants. You don't need any acting skills, 

It's possible to get an idea of how any situation or an action would feel even before the actual experience thanks to sharing the experience with other participants. Creative drama offers opportunities to re-analyze relationships with others and the self through role-playing, and exploring new ways of thinking to gain heightened awareness.

Creative drama can be useful for;

  • Spicing up dull lives by adding joy and playfulness

  • Social & performance anxieties (interview, public speaking, stage etc.)

  • Disconnectedness from emotions

Bring more joy, possibilities and
freedom to your life with creative drama! 

Contact us to join the next creative drama group.

What makes creative drama special? 

Creativity is one of the most important powers of humanity, it's incredible! Imagining something and  experiencing the imagined reality as real makes it possible to enjoy, experience and improve.


If you look at children, playing is our human nature. Exploring identities, turning into  something else through role-playing, impersonating, taking a step back from the self and  coming one step closer to it. Experiencing the emotions without judgement, expressing the ideas, listening to others and being listened by others... Sounds very exciting.

If you want to give it a try, you're welcome to join our weekly meetings or workshops!

What to expect?



Have we mentioned it's not real? There's no winning or losing, no right or wrong way of playing!


Self Development

You have a non-judgemental space to explore your skills and practice without the pressures of real life.



During the plays safety instructions are provided by the playmakers during the activities.



Most importantly, it's just a play! Take things lightly, release your emotions, be silly and have fun! 



Everything is based on an imagined reality, no skills needed. You're completely free!



Creative drama provides an imagined reality, which can open doors to new possibilities!

Some Memories


"Creative drama

made it legitimit releasing my playful and silly side :)

I'm still thankful for the learning outcomes; it helped me to get over my public speaking and social anxieties.


Selin and her team are the best leaders <3"

— Hande B. founder

Turkey 2017

"When I first attended the workshop, my goal was to learn more about improvisation and play, but we got much more than I expected.

Apart from sound, breath and character studies, I think it is very useful for my personal development. "

— Aybüke, Turkey


"We had a great drama workshop with Selin. When we switched to online education because of the pandemic, we all had the same thing on my mind? How do we improvise?


Everything happened in a wonderful way with the courage he gave us. This workshop has contributed a lot to both my discovery of my inner self and the drama. "

— Zeynep, Turkey


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