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Holding Hands Up High

We have
friends you can benefit from

We can't provide all the answers and solutions you're looking for, but we can connect you with friends who can help.

Contact and get your referral code for good deals and discounts :) 

What is Friends with Benefits?

Our aim is to bring more ease, joy and freedom to life. There are many more people working on this direction. We know our limits and we know that it is important to support each other on this journey. 


We have adapted Friends with Benefits concept, which is all about connections and collaboration. 

Who are the Friends?

The idea is to connect product or service providers who we find interesting and helpful with people who look for these providers. Friends can be in various categories. If you find anything appealing to you check out what benefits they offer to you. 

What Benefits they offer?

Some friends offer great deals, some give discounts. If you consider getting a service or a product from our friends we're happy to provide more information. 

How does it work?


Click the button on the service you're interested. Fill the contact form, get your referral code and enjoy the benefits! 

Our Friends Offering Guidance

Are you a seeker or feeling lost?

Guidance can light up your path so you;

  • notice new possibilities

  • know and understand know your powerful & weak sides

  • have more resources in your path

  • use your energy wisely

  • don't walk in the dark alone. 

Guidance can be provided for personal, spiritual, health and business orientation. Whatever is the case it should help you navigate your way, not to play the hero in your story. (that's you!) 




“I don’t believe in astrology;I’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical.”- Arthur C. Clarke

Astrology is an ancient guidance system that has many branches and Gülten, our astrologer, probably studied most of them. Now she's ready to give you satisfying readings :) 

If you have "yes-no" questions, then horary astrology (question astrology) is your thing. If you want to understand story of your life, then ask for natal chart reading. If you're interested in your next year, then reach out for and get your referral code with %10 discount!


"If you're looking for a detailed reading in your astrological guidance, then you'd probably be very satisfied with Gülten's consultancy. She's a real gem who knows how to give constructive feedback"

-Hande, founder

Business Coaching

Starting over your careeer? Don't know which way

to go in your entrepreneurship journey?

Business coaching can save your time and money. instead of repeating the same mistakes others have made.

If you're overwhelmed about business and can't see what's coming, then talking with an expert can give you practical solutions rather than expecting advice from people who are not experienced & knowledgeable.

If you want to get an idea how our business coaches can help you, reach out and have 30 mins of free consultancy and %10 discount from Claire Muller.


"My biggest concern was how do I push through the door which is stopping my success.

I began to realise most of my obstacles were self sabotage, fear of failure and success. 

My first session with Claire helped me to navigate and allowed me to unblock the negative self sabotage.

I'd definitely recommend Claire in achieving success."

— Farzana V., Board Member,

South Africa, 2021

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