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Tired of trying to control & change everything, feeling lost and victim of your emotions, overthinking or negative biased loops of your own thoughts? 

You can re-connect with your real self and re-create your reality. 

Meditation practices offer great tools in the journey of learning to live in the moment with freedom and harmony. 

The science behind meditation

All the religions, ancient spiritual teachings, philosophers, spies, martial artists, athletes and many more meditation practitioners... They had a shared wisdom, the key to the mind, throughout the civilizations, and they all practiced different forms of meditation.

Nowadays the science world has started to find this ancient tool interesting. More and more experts working on psychology and neurology make researches on meditation. Their work reveal interesting results. 

In the old times human brain was believed to stop changing after growing up, however recent studies on meditation suggest that our brains are plastic and we have the ability to re-shape our brains! (Check out Sara Lazar and Jon Kabat-Zinn for more details) 


The reason meditation has been very popular among different environments is so simple, it gives us keys to the most powerful tool we have, the mind...


The greatest power or the greatest enemy?

Thinking and creativity are two of our great powers, yet when the self is identified with the products of the mind they can easily become two great enemies... This enemy has such a great power that it's almost impossible to we fight against.  

The reason is explained, in the wild times our ancestors needed a powerful survival mechanism, our brains were evolved to keep us alive by being alert and constantly looking for dangers. That also explains why we are habitual beings. 


Even if the modern life doesn't require us to be alert like it was before, we have a lot more stimulation & different kind of problems AND we still operate from the same nervous system. What's more in the fast paced modern life with we get more and more disconnected from the nature and our own nature.  That disconnection creates a gap between the healing mechanism and keep us in the survival mechanism. 


Some people have less or more resilience, but if we don't apply self-care we eventually and HABITUALLY end up getting stuck in the survival mechanism, which can manifest in life in many ways. Here we don't have a realistic questioning of our thoughts about life, people and us. We don't notice our thoughts are mostly negative biased and stress, trauma, wrong beliefs, lack of self care (both mental and physical) adds in to it.


Reduce Stress

It's scientifically proven meditation reduce stress and symptoms of anxiety, depression.



Using the power of meditation on self compassion, self-confidence, inner strength help us to empower ourselves.


Broaden Awareness

Awareness is first step to re-connect with our inner power and capabilities of our creative mind.



Meditations help us to explore, experience and express the importance of self in growth and healing.


Improve Focus

Meditation help the scattered quality of the mind coming together and improves focus and efficiency. 



Meditation reminds us we have the power of choice, instead of being mindlessly led by our thoughts & emotions.

How meditation can help to LOUD minds?

LOUD mind can mean a wide range of conditions from a critical approach towards self & others to PTSD or simply the natural negative bias of the mind. 


No matter what is the experience, good news, we all have the ability to re-shape your brain regardless of our race, religion, body shapes or social background. 

When we meditate we get to see what is actually happening from a distance, without being caught up in the dizzying whirl of current thoughts. We learn how to unlearn any judgmental attitudes towards other people, and ourselves. We learn how to love ourselves compassionately when we are not the victim of self-critical or impulsive thoughts anymore. We re-gain our freedom of choice to believe / ignore / act on / improve the products of the mind. 


Meditation can be used with different intentions. Simply;

  • to relax

  • to find answers to questions

  • to broaden awareness & focus

  • improve efficiency & productivity

  • for spiritual guidance

  • to improve mental health

  • to train our minds for a specific topic

  • even to re-design your reality

With our meditative sessions our intention is to bring more joy, ease, harmony and freedom to daily life. If you want to give it a go, we practice various meditations on PlaygroundZ. 

Try out and see what works for you, then let it make your life better!

Check out our weekly online meditations

Meditative Meetings

Meditasyon Çift



Breath in, breath out. Go back to your breath.

Simple yet effective. 

Meditasyon Sınıf



Bring your imagination, we're going for a journey.

Hands Touching



Art forms are the meditation object to release, reconnect and re-create.




Set your intention and feel it's happening, re-create your reality.

Meditasyon Sınıf

Self-care &


Build self-compassion, self confidence and inner power step by step.


Mindfulness Meditation

Open, non-judgemental and compassionate practice.

Some Comments

"Hande offers an exceptional yoga experience, connecting each movementwith breath, offering space for personal growth, and feeling directlyinto what her students need.

I worked with Hande one on one and leftevery session feeling great. She "upped" my Yoga to the next level!"

— Jonathan D., entrepreneur in IT

USA 2021

"If you feel like starting your weekend early or if you're a beginner in yoga,

I highly recommend you to join classes of Hande.

Her instructions is magically impressive..."

— Deniz Ü.,yoga instructor, breathing coach

 Turkey 2018

It was an amazing class. First yoga and then the meditation for a very affordable price just.


It can change your day for the best! Thank you for the experience! Gratitude!❤️🙏🏻

— Alexandre D, photographer, entrepreneur

Brasil 2021

She's an amazing professional and on everyday basis she shares her yoga experience with us :) you should try!


I’ve traveled and experienced yoga classes a lot and I can tell you that Hande's class is a good choice to start the day 💙

— Magda B, journalist, public figure Portugal 2021

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