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Yoga Mat üzerinde Esneme Kadınlar

Mindful Movement

It is possible to live with at ease & in harmony with your own mind & body

Mindful & playful approach can help

You are not what you think you are. 


We explore the inner & outer worlds with simple 

techniques and have fun doing that.

Come as you are :)

Minful movement sessions are available to all regardless of experience level, any kinds of condition, fitness level.

The science behind yoga

We are born with an operation system called nervous system, which has different modes to experience life. (You can search Polyvagal Theory by Steven Porges for more information) 

If we summarize roughly the main priority of the system is staying alive, the natural tendency is to avoid from unpleasant experiences and repeat the pleasant experiences. That happens automatically. Nervous system decides how to react the real life experience according to interpreted experience. Even though this approach doesn't always make things easier, we are habitual beings. We end up living from the automatic pilot, identify the self with unrealistic thoughts or expectations of defense mechanisms.

What does it to do with the LOUD minds?

With loud minds, we refer to people who spend too much time inside the head. When the mind constantly wanders, it's either in the past or future, where it's not possible to experience what's happening in the present. In yogic traditions, this tendency is called monkey mind, according to Buddha it's one causes of human suffering.

The tendency of the mind can be positive, BUT can be also negative or altered for many reasons such as chronic stress, lack of self-awareness, lack of self care for the body-mind-soul, mental health issues, negative influence of the community, lack of quality education, family issues, environmental problems, childhood traumas, relationship issues, being disconnected from nature etc.  The list can go long as long as life goes on, as it is part of the life experience... 

Mindful movement teach kindness and self-care 
Mindful movement can improve
phyisical &
mental health


Mindful movement can teach 
how to flow and
live with harmony

Mindful movement can help to feel more grounded and in the center




As long as we are in the autopilot it's more difficult to see we're living the life with our altered perceptions. We identify the self with thoughts, beliefs that are not matching with our authentic reality even before we notice them. The habitual nature of the mind doesn't always make things easier, actually the opposite. Most of the time the life and relationships become more challenging than they actually are in this state. 

BUT the pain doesn't have to become suffering. It is possible to heal and transform from the old wounds and learn to live with more ease, joy and freedom. HOW? 

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself, just as I am, then I can change." -Carl R. Rogers

Moving with a focus to breath, having an intention and dedication for the practice, applying self-care and showing compassion to self, understanding the mind, practicing non-judgmental attitude and being surrounded with acceptive people has transformative potential and sets our natural healing processes free. That's why practices like yoga has been applied for thousands of years, it's getting more and more popular.

Find what makes you feel good and watch it make your life BETTER :)

Mindful movement carry the potential to transform our life.

Mindful Movement on Playgrounds

Here on Playgroundz, we use yoga-like movements, elements from authentic movement and top it up with somatic experiencing cultivating a mindful & playful approach. 

Come as you are. We hold space for exploration with compassion and acceptance.

No experience, certain level of fitness or spirituality required for the practice. We don't follow strict alignment rules. We don't prescribe treatments to cure traumas or we don't give medical consultation on mental & physical health (if we are not the experts).

What we do?

Different techniques and movement to get out of head and go into body, do awareness practices, play games and have fun! because being connection with the authentic self and joy BOOST the natural healing process. 


,Our aim is to bring more ease, joy, compassion, freedom to daily life.

Some Memories

Some comments

"Hande offers an exceptional yoga experience, connecting each movementwith breath, offering space for personal growth, and feeling directlyinto what her students need.

I worked with Hande one on one and leftevery session feeling great. She "upped" my Yoga to the next level!"

— Jonathan D., USA


"If you feel like starting your weekend early or if you're a beginner in yoga,

I highly recommend you to join classes of Hande.

Her instructions is magically impressive..."

— Deniz Ü., Turkey


It was an amazing class. First yoga and then the meditation for a very affordable price just.


It can change your day for the best! Thank you for the experience! Gratitude!❤️🙏🏻

— Alexandre D, Brasil


She's an amazing professional and on everyday basis she shares her yoga experience with us :) you should try!


I’ve traveled and experienced yoga classes a lot and I can tell you that Hande's class is a good choice to start the day 💙

— Magda B, Portugal


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