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What is on the store?

With our products we encourage loud minds to slow down so they can find joy, ease and freedom in self-care moments.


We are habitual beings, if skipping self-care seems normal to you  repeat after me:

"I deserve to be cared for and I enjoy providing self-care for myself." 

There's so much to deal with in life and it's easy to be carried away, forget about how important is self-care. Every one of us has different reasons for it. No judgement :) 

However if we find joy in these self-care moments, it'd be much more easier remember and nourish ourselves. With this idea in mind, we decided to create products that turn everyday self-care needs to joyful moments and celebrations. As much as possible. 

If you're struggling with

-creating self-care routines

-finding joy in the ordinary life

-enjoying alone time or get bored in self-care moments

-finding fun & caring gifts 

and looking for

-adding more fun and joy to your daily life

-ways to shift your perception on self-care

-ways to spoil yourself 

-fun and caring products, gifts

Check out our products are prepared with love :) You can customize your orders, email us for your questions and custom orders! The delivery & tracking information will be shared after the purchase. 


Meet Bath-All salt jars, bath bombs, shower melts and soaprises

Bath Salt Jar & Bombs

Have plenty of time and a bath tub? Great!

Fill the tub with hot water, light up some candles around, put your favorite music and get yourself a drink,

it's on us! 

Pour 2 table spoon bath salt or drop your bath bomb into the hot water.


Let the smell and fizzy sound take you to a different world, where you can relax and enjoy yourself. 


Shower Melts

Turn shower time into an experience.

Your sinuses will thank you, the heaviness of the day / night will be washed away from your body and mind!


How? Simple, just drop the bath melt on the shower pan. 


 While the water pouring down, feel the sensations of being alive here and now.

shell, bath all product-playgroundz.jpg


If you're a soap enthusiast you might like our soaprise for you! 

We're hiding small soaprises into our soaps.


Use it or gift it, you'll love these soaps made with essential oils and nourishing ingredients!

First Aid Kit - Gift Box

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit is a gift box has items for every occasion :)


Tea & bath salt jars and eye pillows are handmade with LOVE and nurturing ingredients. Candles are Reiki charged, ready to use for intention meditations. 

 Spoil yourself or gift the box to a loved one, you're gonna love it :)

You can customize your gift box (please email us)


  • Handmade lavender pillows for yoga & relaxation (can be used hot & cold)

  • Handmade yoga accessories (ground support cushion, weights for restorative yoga, bolster cushion, meditation cushion)

  • Lavender incense cones

  • Palo santo wood (insense)

  • Floating Reiki charged candles for intention meditation

first aid kit gift set_edited.jpg


  • Relaxing bath salt jars 

  • Antioxidant tea (hot & cold tea options)

  • 30 self-care inspirations can be used during tough times

  • Crsytals & natural stones for altar

  • Discount & free participation coupons for Playgroundz events & workshops

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