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What ?! is Yoga Rave?

Yoga Rave is an experience for yoga and rave enthusiasts to come together connect through breath, movement & electronic music and have fun. 

For us yoga is not a goal, but a state of mind helps us to explore the self with acceptance and compassion. It help us to remember the connection between body and mind. 

How? Simply by tuning into our real self through breath and movement. Music and dance are not different than yoga... When they come they come together, the practice becomes a celebration. The celebration of coming back to home, to your real self. 

We have decided to bring these elements together in a special way with Yoga Rave. If you are ready to forget about the rules and the real world, open yourself to this soul elevating experience. No experience is required, bring your festival spirit and enjoy the flow with different notes of the electronic music!

Contact for the upcoming Yoga Raves!

Some Memories

What others say?

"I absolutely loved the yoga rave experience and hope it's first of manyl! I met lovely people and danced my face off. Both were much needed!! Thank you so much and I look forward to seeing you again!"

— Annie M, Portugal


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