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mindful yoga pose in nature

If you have a chatty and loud mind...

You might as well be familiar with experiences as such:
  • Excessive mental activity, mental confusion, and fatigue

  • Difficulty in staying with the body, emotions and present moment

  • Tension, numbness or disconnection in the body

  • Inner voice speaking with a negativity bias in a judgmental tone of voice

  • The invisible burden of FOMO and perfectionism in the fast paced modern life

  • Identifying the self with thoughts and emotions

  • Coping mechanisms that don't actually serve in the long run

  • Not being able to meet fundamental needs, lack of physical and emotional regulation, overall sense of uneasiness

We can't undue these difficulties at once, but we can make things easier with self-care practices and nurture and feed moments of joy in life.

At Playground Z47, our intention is to create more space for ease, joy, and freedom in daily life.

Here, we explore self-care practices such as mindfulness, compassion, yoga that are beneficial for our body, mind, and soul with a mindful, compassionate, and playful approach.

What's at Playground Z47?

Mindful movement, 


Vinyasa yoga, yin yoga, pre & post natal yoga, mindful movement

Meditation, community activities, retreats

Silent & themed retreats, community activities

Mindfulness and compassion workshops, courses,

Theory, practice and space for sharing


More ease, joy, freedom in daily life?

As a self explorer in pursuit of new experiences, meaning, happiness and finding a sense of belonging in modern life, I was unaware -for years- how much the journey has been hindered by my overthinking, anxiety, perfectionism, and judgmental thinking.


Later on, my path has crossed with human centered and science rooted disciplines. (Spoiler alert mindfulness, compassion, creative drama etc.)

As my approach to body, mind, soul practices has started to shift from the teaching or the teacher or the tribe to self care not only did I start to transform but also began to transform my relationship with those around me and life itself.​


Here at Z47, I'm sharing what's filtered through years of learning and experience. 

It brings me so much joy seeing that this approach invites more ease, joy, and freedom into the daily lives of other people with loud minds like mine! 

If you're on the journey of self-discovery + also struggling with the consequences of having a chatty and loud mind, you're not alone!

Would you like to learn about the story of Z47 and how it can support you?


You too...

  • Are a self-explorer, but the superficial, overly mystical, esoteric, pseudo, and condescending attitudes prevalent in personal development environments not appeal to you?

  • Are looking for an approach that is accessible, inclusive, and trauma-informed?

  • Prefer individuality and authenticity over the approach of "Because the teacher says so"

  • Are looking to soften your seriousness with a humorous approach and explore inquiry with a playful attitude?

  • Find acrobatic or aesthetically driven, pose-centered practices in mainstream yoga classes distant to your liking?

  • Are interested in learning practical knowledge based on scientific foundations that you can try out yourself and integrate into your daily life?

Would you like to learn more about Z47 classes, one-on-one sessions, workshops, courses, retreats, and events?

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overthinking, thinking man photo by valentin b kremer unsplash

To others with loud minds...

Having a loud mind and getting stuck in our own thoughts can indeed be challenging at times. Not being able to enjoy the present moment, experiencing a general sense of unease in the background, mental fatigue, chronic stress, bodily tension and pains, sleepless nights...

The art of going out of the head and getting into the body, safely, is a timeless skill that enhances our quality of life and supports us in living life more fully.


On the agenda?

cozy self care meditation

You can participate in weekly online mindfulness and compassion-focused meditations, practices and exercises from anywhere.


Others say?

It is a blessing to participate in Mindfulness and Compassion program, which offers me various practices that will support myself from a compassionate perspective, I'm grateful to my guides💚

I'm pleased you opened this program, I'm pleased I participated💚 It was great to take art in such a circle.

Hale B. - teacher

Türkiye 2023

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